Here Are The Suicide Notes Of The Female Police Officer Who Shot Herself Fatally In The Head, In The Toilet

There’s been a steady increase in the number of police officers who’ve committed suicide in recent months and this is one of the more chilling ones. Gaudencia Wausi, a police officer at JKIA, locked herself in a toilet and shot herself in the head Wednesday morning. This news came as a shock to many Kenyans especially when pictures from the scene went viral and became a subject of online conversation. People who knew her were also left with more questions than answers as the news took them by surprise given she didn’t seem the type to do something like this.

This changed however, when a number of messages and posts emerged which showed a person who was grappling with a lot of stress in her life. There were a number of Facebook posts where she complained of people plotting against her and the creeping feeling that the only way out was through suicide. There were also reports from her colleagues who all attested to her complaining of going through a lot of stress lately and one ominous Whatsapp post where she says goodbye to her son and wishes him well in his life. If only she could have been saved in time. Condolences to her family and loved ones.

Here are the notes:


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