Huddah Monroe Opens Up About Hpow She Enlarged Her Breasts Due To Her Insecurities And The Depression She Went Through As A Result Of Big Brother Shower Hour

One would be really surprised to hear that Huddah Monroe has body insecurities given how attractive she looks but as it happens, Huddah has always had a problem with how small her front was. In a recent picture she posted, Huddah went on to detail the depression she went through when a video of her body during the infamous BBA shower hour was leaked to the public. She was so uncomfortable with how her boobs looked that she went ahead and had breast augmentation surgery to make her breasts larger. This meant she had to move the fat from her behind to her front in order to make them fuller.

Despite her operation being successful and natural, she cautioned her fans from going under the knife by claiming she was naive at the time and submitted to public pressure. She urged people to love and accept themselves for who they are and added that they should wait until they are mature enough to make such decisions. Turns out experience really is the biggest teacher.

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