Meet This Shameless Kisumu Witchdoctor Who Managed To Con A Man Of 5 Million In Cash

A man in Kisumu was rescued from losing millions of shillings to a gullible witchdoctor who had promised to multiply his fortunes. The police who acted on a tip off from the public raided the witchdoctor’s hideout and managed to recover huge sums of cash amounting to sh4 million.
Had it not for the police raid, the client who had already lost 1 million to the ‘doctor’ was going to lose sh4 million in the bid to double up his wealth. Musa Osman who is popularly know as Ndumba wa Ndumba managed to dodge the police dragnet. He did not escape empty handed but went with sh1 million and left the remaining sh4 million.

Robert Otieno who is the victim was supposed to deliver a total of Sh5 million in cash to the ritualist so as to have all his problems solved. He had also been asked to deliver a refrigerator to the ‘doctor’ with strict instructions not to open it for the next 36 days. The victim strongley believed that the ritualist will pray for him and three months age, he lost Sh1 million to the same man while seeking for the same services.
During the raid at the a three-bedroom bungalow, the police found paraphenalia, foreign currency and other people’s photographs. There was also a book containing list of clients that were seeking the ‘doctors’ services. No arrest has been made yet.

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