These Are The Shocking Photos Of The Terrible Housing Units Kenyan Athletes Are Currently Sharing In Rio As They Await A Cheaper Flight

The Kenyan delegation that was sent to Rio admittedly did us proud. This was despite all the controversy surrounding their travel arrangements and the disparity between their treatment and that of local MPs, NOCK officials and their posse who were so comfortable they even had time to spare to go partying in Hollywood. The handling of this group of athletes has been mired in all manner of shenanigans including delayed flights, coaches being left behind, an absence of tickets for particular athletes and money being squandered. Truth be told, the Ministry of Sports and the NOCK have greatly disappointed these athletes and the nation at large.

To add insult to injury, pictures have emerged of the deplorable living conditions of the places Kenyan athletes have been forced to reside in as they await a cheaper flight. These photos were shared by the MP athlete Wesley Korir who was outraged at how shameful and disgraceful this spectacle has become. The situation is so bad, runner Eliud Kipchoge was forced to pay his own ticket to escape those conditions. It remains to be seen what the response of the Sports Ministry will be.

Here are the shocking pictures:



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