This Is What Will Happen To You If You Spread Rumors About Former President Kibaki’s Health


The police spokesman Eric Kiraithe had a few stern words for the many Kenyans online who tend to lend credence to rumors despite them being unsubstantiated. This came after rumors of Kibaki’s death started gathering steam online when in truth; no official communication had been received from the family. The fact of the matter is however, that the former President had a clot in an artery in his neck that needed immediate attention before it became problematic. Kibaki has suffered three strokes before and a clot such as this could have brought enormous complications hence the swift action by his physician Dr. Gikonyo.

Kibaki was first admitted at Karen hospital before being flown to Johannesburg, South Africa where he successfully underwent surgery to remove the clot. The official statement from the family is that the operation was a success and that he is recuperating well. Once this information had been shared, Eric Kiraithe went ahead to scold Kenyan’s on spreading false rumors on the former president’s health stating that the sharing uncorroborated information on the Mwai Kibaki’s death was unacceptable.

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