You Won’t Believe How Far Prophet Owuor’s Followers Went To Show His Love For Him In Nakuru, These Guys Will Do Anything

A lot can be said about how controversial Prophet Owuor has been since he burst into the scene a few years ago, but no one can refute the fact that his ministry commands a huge following both in Kenya and overseas. What’s unique about his followers is their complete dedication to the church, manifested in their willingness to do anything to ensure Prophet Owuor is able to spread the gospel with no impediments.

It therefore came as no surprise to the residents of Nakuru town when they woke up to find members of the ministry of repentance and holiness busy scrubbing their streets clean with soap and water. Interestingly enough, this was their way of clearing the path for the prophet by ridding the town of dirt and filth. Prophet Owuor is expected to headline a repentance and worship crusade at Menengai grounds from the 26th to the 28th of August.

Here are the pictures and a video:



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