This Is Why The Lady Who Stabbed Her Boyfriend 22 Times Was Honored And Praised In Langata Women’s Prison This Past Weekend

Do you remember the lady who stabbed her boyfriend 22 times nearly a year ago? Probably not because that is the Kenyan way of forgetting our past, the Kenyan habit of forgetting critical issues. You were probably weak at the knees for her this weekend when she was crowned Miss Lang’ata at their prison pageantry. Ruth Kamande is the prisoner in question after her achievement went viral on both mainstream and social media. Citizen TV’s Fashion Watch panelists also had a field day appreciating her crowning to glory.

But some voices of reason like KFCB Ezekiel Mutua have emerged to give is a reality check. How can we glorify such a person? Ezekiel Mutua went ahead to question the name of the event dubbed ‘Beauty behind bars’ saying that there is absolutely nothing beautiful about a woman who stabbed someone’s son in the cruelest of ways. He acknowledged that people reform but the time frame within which people are willing to forget her heinous crime got Mutua and others puzzled, it has not even been a year yet. Ruth, obviously, got her supporters who rallied behind her as the wave of criticism continued to rise.

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