Celina Opens Up About The Sad Truth Of What She Was Going Through In Her Life As She Was Dishing Out Millions On TV

Many expect that once you are on TV, cash streams in, in overflowing sums, yet that is not generally the situation as Catherine Kamau (Celina) uncovered.
In her days working for Safaricom in the “Bonyeza” competition, Catherine uncovered that in spite of handing out millions, her pockets were enduring in the background. She was very broke at the time, thus she utilized her battle then as an opportunity to educate her fans.

Catherine Kamau said that she is eternally grateful to Latifah Ngunjiri for she literally saved her life during the situation. She also said that from the situation, she was able to learn a very important lesson. This is the fact that we all have highs and lows in our lives and that we should not allow ourselves to get lost in either of the two. This is very good advice coming from a person in the public eye. It allows us to see that things are not always as clear as we might see them to be.

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