This Is How Much Sonko Is Spending On The 2017 Jubilee Party Campaign

If you’ve been in Nairobi over the past week and a half you’ve probably noticed the humongous SUVs that have colored the city with the newly launched Jubilee party colors. The giant fuel guzzlers have caused such frenzy and have had their pictures doing rounds on social media for a good number of days. There isn’t an exact number as to just how many vehicles have been branded with Jubilee’s “Tuko Pamoja” logo, but one thing is for certain the vehicles are defiinately hard to miss.

Nairobi senator Gideon Mbuvi popularly known has “Sonko” was not to be left behind in the celebrations of ushering in the new party. The senator who has made it clear that he’s defiantly going for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat decided to clear the air over certain allegations of him having joined ODM after a photo shopped picture of him in an orange t-shirt written Heshima kwa RAO went viral on social media. It is believed Sonko has branded his vehicles with Jubilee’s red colors as some sort of reassurance to the party and supporters that he is in Jubilee to stay.

Here are some pictures:






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