This Is Probably What You Didn’t Know About The Man Claiming To Be Ntimama’s Son

The issue of people surfacing and claiming to be related to a prominent person after their demise is not a new thing in our society.
This was something a lot of people were waiting for after William Ole Ntimama’s death which happened on 2nd September 2016.
Barely a week later a man went to court claiming to be the late William Ole Ntimama’s son and hoping to stop the burial.
George Njoroge Kariuki claims that he did not come forward with the news earlier out of fear that he might have lost his inheritance of the late minister was buried without him having a DNA test.

George Njoroge says that he was born in 1969 but Ntimama abandoned him and his mother.
The 46-year-old man says that he found out that Ntimama was his father from her mother back in 1998 before she passed away. He added that a lot of people have commented on his resemblance to the late minister.

George said that he intended to come out earlier but was afraid he would be received negatively by Ntimama’s immediate family.

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