This Is Probably What You Didn’t Know About The Three Women Shot Dead After Attempting A Terror Attack On Mombasa Police Station

On Saturday morning, three women who were posing as victims of robbery were killed after making an attempt to attack police officers at a police station based in Mombasa.
The three women had worn bui buis when they attacked. They approached the officers with petrol bombs and a knife. However, their attempts did not bear fruit as the brave officers responded very swiftly and shot their attackers dead.

By 3pm, the bomb disposal unit was working on dismantling the bombs that had been worn by the three terrorists.
Two Police Officers were injured during the attack.
According to Patterson Maelo the County Police Commander, the petrol bombs carried by the women started a fire that injured the two officers. He also said that the incident took place when the officers were questioning the women about the stolen phones they pretended to report. During the questioning, one of them threw a knife at the officers and the other threw the petrol bomb. This was when the station caught fire and the three were shot.
The injured police officers were taken to the hospital as investigations continue.

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