After Public Outrage Singer Bahati Explains Why He Unceremoniously Unseating The President

The Jubilee grand party launch was definitely the grandest event the country has seen for a while. With the president meeting his would be voters in the 2017 presidential elections, it was also the most protected event. However, it seems Singer Bahati forgot that the president was the president and decided to serenade the First Lady Margret Kenyatta with his latest song.

With most people praising him for his courage to unseat the president, others were more concerned about the president’s safety at the time and the DP stool which he stepped on while singing. Bahati has since explained himself in a social media post saying, he had forgotten protocol and was focused on the first lady. He went on further to say that it reminded him of his mother and wished that she was alive to receive it all as the first lady did.

All in all with Bahati largely loved by the public, all this will die down in no time.


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