Photos Of The Female Terrorists Who Were Slaughtered By Police Bullets Go Viral And Will Definitely Give You Some Sleepless Nights


Sunday’s attack on Mombasa Central police station shocked the country at a time terror attacks have dropped in the country. The shocking incident was among a host of attacks which have been carried out at police stations targeting the men and women in uniform. The attackers were 3 women, something that was unheard of in Kenya, who pretended to be aggrieved only to attack the police offices at the station.

The three women identified as Tasmin Farah, Miriam and Fatuma Omar were on a mission to free some of their accomplices who were being held in the police station. They were wearing bullet proof vests and armed with suicide vests but they failed to detonate which allowed police officers to spray them with bullets. Some police officers were injured in the foiled attack suffering stab wounds.

Talking of injuries, the terrorists were severely mutilated by the police bullets and pictures doing rounds on the internet are bound to make some people have sleepless nights or even vomit in shock. The pictures making rounds online no doubt show how brutal the wages of crime can be.

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