DJ Mo’s Secret Is Out: Size 8 Reveals What Irritates Her Most About Her Husband And What She Cannot Stand About Him

Size 8 and DJ Mo are definitely one of the favorite couples in the Gospel Industry. Having each other’s backs and often attending all gatherings together, they seem to be perfect, or so you think. In a recent interview, Size 8 shocked many when she talked about the things that irritate her, when it comes to her husband. Just like any other man, DJ Mo is the one who wants everything to be done for him and has the ability to forget once told, worse still, he puts minimal effort to locate a lost item.

Speaking on the example of headphones, DJ Mo tends to always place his headphones in a safe place, so that he can remember them the next day and won’t have to ask Size 8 to help him do anything. However, the very next day he not only forgets where he placed them but when he is told where he can find them, he tends to keep on asking until they are given to him personally.

Adding to the topic size 8 said “it’s like men have two left hands and can’t do anything once they get married. However, the moment you travel out of town, they will do everything on their own without even bothering to get clarification:
All in all with DJ Mo’s secret is out, it seems he has to change or will find himself sleeping on the couch.

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