Socialite Huddah Monroe Reveals Her “Sponsor” And This Is The Most Surprising Thing About Him


Huddah Monroe as a socialite is often considered a woman who leeches off the back of old men to finance her lavish lifestyle. However, it seems like the one thing most people were wrong about is the old part. Revealing the man she is dating in an Instagram shot, many were surprised that the man in the stream of photos was young and of African heritage.

After her short dramatic stints with Mustapha and Prezzo, many can only hope that this time her relationship with the mysterious man will last a bit longer. After toning down her extravagance this past few months, her new catch may probably have a chance.
In the caption she revealed her emotions stating “Love is a beautiful thing yet I guard my heart from everything since I’m scared to get hurt. I guess he is the one as he got me feeling some type of way. I’m in it fully”.

Now Kenyans have to wait and see what will become of her new found love.


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