Four-Year-Old Boy Is Trending All Over The Internet After Amazing Everyone With This Statement


A four-year-old is the new social media sensation after he revealed he likes his dad more than his mother, when it comes to being picked from school. In his explanation the young boy, Isaac Orang, said that whenever his mum picks and drops him from school, they often waste a lot of time since his mum always wants to catch up with everyone.

In fact, his exacts words were “I prefer My dad because my mum wastes a lot of time chatting with the teachers and the gate keepers”. With this, Kenyans were quick to have their say with some commenting that even children cannot stand the “muchene” women have these days.

Another 6-year-old in the same newspaper cutout proved the theory right when he said that he prefers his mum because of her talkative nature. In his explanation, he said “My mum keeps me entertained with stories on the way home”.

With this it is clear women love to talk and need to regulate themselves, if they do not want to be profiled by their own kids.

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