This Is The Woman Who Allegedly Financed The Female Terrorists Who Attacked Police Officers At Mombasa


Everyone was in shock and disbelief when female terrorists took over a police station in Mombasa, injuring a number of police officers. However, most people were also relieved when the female terrorists were all killed on the spot. Now, Kenyans have something to be happy about as the financiers behind the women have been revealed. According to police, the women were in contact with none other than Haniya Said Saggar, who apparently is the widow of extremist Muslim cleric Sheikh Aboud Rogo.

According to the investigations, Haniya Said Saggar has been in contact with the women for some time now and has even sent them money. However, details about the issue remain sketchy as three other women had been arrested before the blame shifted to Sheikh Aboud Rogo’s Widow.

All in all, Haniya is now in custody of the antiterrorism police and is being interrogated about the attack. Interrogators want to know exactly what part she played in the whole process.

Here is a photo of her after she was arrested.

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