After Huddah, Vera Sidika Decides To Reveal The Man Who Has Been Enjoying Her Goodies

It appears that the Kenyan socialites are getting matched up.It all begun with Risper Faith who presented her good looking man, then Huddah unleashed some light-skinned fellow said to be from Tanzania, now Vera has revealed her new man. In a photograph taken apparently in Dubai where she is doing some club facilitating, Vera demonstrated to her fans how she is welcomed by her man. Not with an embrace, not with a kiss but rather with a modest bunch snatch of your butt.

The photo was captioned, “This is How you’re supposed to greet your woman When you’re bae’s missing piece to his puzzle…f*** errbody…Us against the World Baby!”

The photo has made rounds on social media and as always Kenyans have many opinions to give. One thing many Kenyans are wondering is how long this said relationships will last. It is also a surprise to many as these socialites do not look like the type to be held down.

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