Bishop Margret Wanjiru Trolled By KOT After Miguna Miguna “Exposed” Her Education Level


After the near fight between Miguna Miguna and Bishop Margret Wanjiru on Jeff Koinange Live Show, its seems like former Starehe MP is the new laughing stock of KOT. With the show ending with Margret almost slapping Miguna, Margret made the mistake of saying that she will sue Miguna for some of the remarks made.

One such remark which pushed Margret over the edge, was Miguna’s question on where she did her dissertation on the philosophy degree she purports to have.

With the arrogant nature in which Mr Miguna is known to ask his questions, Bishop Margret remained silent, after which all hell broke lose. This was however a huge mistake she will now be regretting, as she did not expect Kenyans to linger on the subject of her credentials.

Kenyans on Twitter have now taken it upon themselves to haunt the once calm Bishop about her educational background with the HashTag #RaceForNairobi.

Below are some of the remarks made.




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