Here are More Photos of Esther Passaris Exposing Skin Like Never Seen Before

Esther Passaris drummed up a buzz when she exposed a large portion of her light skinned thighs a couple days ago. However, that wasn’t an isolated incident as she has had many similar incidents.
It is quite impressive that Esther Passaris, who is in her 50s, can make the entire country discuss her thighs.
Most women in their 50s have thighs that have been invaded with wrinkles, and which very few individuals will need to keep talking about.

Despite the fact that Ms Passaris denied photographs which clearly showed her exposed thighs, which were taken when she graced Miss World Kenya occasion at the Villa Rosa Kempinski, Esther has different photographs taken in different spots which additionally displayed a colossal piece of her skin.

The following is a gallery which demonstrates occurrences where Esther Passaris showed an excessive amount of skin.




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