Pastor Shares His Manhood On His Church Whatsapp Group Then Decides To Do This Horrific Thing To Avoid The Shame


The world is full of surprises or more fitting in Swahili, “Dunia ina mambo”. A pastor leading a church called Christ Embassy Church in Limpopo, Zambia committed suicide for the most bizarre of reasons. The pastor accidentally sent a picture of his manhood to a WhatsApp group of his church with the caption, “Wife is away, all yours tonight,” The intimate picture was meant to be sent to his lover who is a member of the same church.

The pastor realizing his grave mistake, left the group and switched off his phone. The photos have been roundly shred on WhatsApp. Pastor Letsego as he was known, had had a long running affair with the woman who was to sample his genitals before the fateful day. The pastor’s body was found hanging in his house even as his flock had a hard time coming to terms with the lewd incident.

This brings to mind the mistake one Bro Ocholla made when he sent an intimate message to his Christian cell group which was meant for his side chick.

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