This Is What Dj Crème Had To Say About His Separation With His Wife

DJ Crème dismissed the rumours that he was separating from his wife and claimed that his enemies were haunting him.

When contacted to give information about him apparently separating from his wife Denise, this is what he had to say, “Why would someone want to make up rumours about my wife and I on matters so private. How do you go ahead and think we have quarrels in our closet and come up with a theory that we are headed for separation. You must be real evil.”

Speaking from Meru where he had a performance, he said everything was okay with his wife and son.

The rumours begun from a snap-chat that is said to have been generated from the couple. A source went ahead and alleged that their son had not been to school for days due to the family drama. However, according to Creme, there is no trouble in paradise.

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