Victoria Kimani Goes Savage And Attacks Huddah Monroe, Starting A Viscous Fight That Will Definitely Be One Of The Biggest This Year

Kenyan artist Victoria Kimani who is currently signed to Nigerian Label, Chocolate City has thrown quite the shade at socialite Huddah Monroe. This will be an interesting fight.

Victoria’s first Swahili song, Gota has finally been released. The song is from her album ‘Safari’ which is expected to be released soon. In the first verses of the song, it sounds like Victoria is directing the message to Huddah in a strong way. It seems like her kid gloves are off and she has gone savage.

The song premiered 3 days ago on KISS 100 FM. It has received very positive reviews and amazing comments on social media.

Victoria Kimani who recently released All the Way which featured Khuli Chana said she was excited about the song because of the energy and passion that was put into making it. She also added that she believed the song would be one all her fans across Africa would be proud of.

The songs initial verse says,“ujue natoka mbali /victoria kimani nani /wanajua mi ni nani/…sihanyi mabuda/ mimi sio huddah… ( know that i have come so far, victoria kimani, they know who i am, i don’t go after old men, i’m not huddah…”

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