This Is The Crazy Amount Of Money Uhuru Kenyatta Spent On The Nyama Choma Joint Near Kenyatta Market

On the main entrance of Nairobi’s Kenyatta Market on the left hand side, there is a narrow pathway which is very busy every day during lunch hours.

On each side of this walkway, there are a number of butcheries that roast meat for their customers during lunch hour. The peak of the butcheries activities is mostly around 1pm to pm.

Hai-Hai butchery also referred to as B6 is located on the last lane. Unlike the other 5 butcheries there, this one is known for attracting high profile people. Deputy Governor Ruth Odinga and Homa Bay Governor Cyprian Awiti are some of the most frequent customers. Mr. Awiti’s regular is tumbukiza mixed with spinach and potatoes and some ugali on the side. Ms. Odinga’s regular is nyama choma and ugali with some kachumbari on the side.

On, Monday, the attendants were shocked when they had a peculiar client who spent Kshs21,000 on one sitting; this is the most they have received on one sitting. The peculiar customer was none other than President Uhuru Kenyatta who had been accompanied by a big crowd. Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko, Nairobi Women Representative Rachel Shebesh, Matahre Mp Stephen Kariuki and nominated MP Johnson Sakaja were among the people who had accompanied the president to B6. Committee member Hastings Mmbwanga and market’s chairman Moses Waneni were also among the crowd.

According to Moses Waneni who is also one of the businessmen around the area, he was not expecting the president. He says he found out when the president’s security detail informed him that the president wanted to talk to him. He was directed to where the president was. The president shook his hand and asked how business as going. Waneni responded that business was good. The president then told him if business was fine, he had just come to have some nyama choma and he asked Moses where they could go have some.

Waneni suggested B6 since it is known for excellent services and cleanliness. He says he had to accompany the president since the stakes were high due to the excited crowd and the security detail.

Mr Muchiri, Mr Anthony Mugo and Ms Valentine Mboni served the president while he was at B6. “He asked for nyama choma, ugali, kachumbari and managu (vegetables). He later asked for an uncut green pepper and bottle of 300ml Coke soda and water,” said Mr.Muchiri.

According to Mr Muchiri, the final bill amounted to Sh21,000 which is more than they have ever made in one sitting. When he was asked if the president tipped the attendants, he said he wasn’t sure. However, he says that business has been going very well as people keep calling requesting to visit his kiosk and have a chance to sit where the president sat.

This visit happened six days after the President and Cord Leader Raila Odinga engaged in a war of words at the late Ole Ntimama’s funeral.

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