This Is What President Uhuru Risked While Eating In A “Kibanda” According To Robert Alai

Robert Alai has always seen things differently from other Kenyans and he does not miss an opportunity to let what people know what he thinks about a situation. This time it was about Presiident Uhuru Kenyatta eating at a kibanda near Kenyatta Market. While most Kenyans might have been impressed by the fact that President Uhuru Kenyatta was humble enough to eat at a kibanda, Robert Alai does not think this was a wise move.

According to Robert Alai, this publicity stunt placed the president’s health at risk and it was simply not worth it. This is what his post said;

“Did they have to risk the life of the President for PR? Presidential Security and State House staff should be held responsible in case the president even sneezes after this stupid stunt.
Uhuru is not the property of Jubilee. Presidency is not the property of Jubilee. Let’s stop being foolish.

Yes tunakula kwa macho but this is stupid.”

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