Could Volleyball Star Janet Wanja’s Husband Be Cheating On Her?

There is reason to believe that Kenyan International Volleyball player Janet Wanja’s husband is cheating on her after he posted pictures of himself cosy with another woman.

An inside source revealed that Janet Wanja and her husband Andrew Swearman have been living apart for some time now. Wanja who is currently the captain of Kenya Pipeline in the Kenyan Volleyball League lives in Kenya while her husband lives in UK.

According to some texts between the two, all is not well. They have been exchanging unpleasant texts with each of them blaming the other for infidelity.

In July, Mr Swearman publicly defended his wife when she got involved in a scandal where national team members where accused of being sexually involved with the sports administrator. He said that all allegations should be dropped because they were not only affecting his marriage but also the marriage of the official in question.


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