Meet Another Kenyan Nanny From Hell Caught On Camera Torturing An Innocent Child

A video was shared that showed a Kenyan house girl torturing a child when her employers were away.Blogger Robert Alai was the one behind sharing the video. He said that the child’s parents were suspicious that something wrong might have been happening to their child when they were not around. They therefore decided to seek help from their neighbour in order to find out what was happening when they were away.

When the video begins, the house girl is seen slapping the child over and over again not stopping even after the child is in tears.

The child is dragged to the coffee table where he is smacked on the head before the house girl goes to the kitchen. She comes back with some food and a bib which she forces the child to wear while still hitting him on the head.
She later gets a slipper which she threatens to use on him if he does not eat the food.

The shocking thing is the fact that this house girl seemed to be aware that she was being recorded but she did not stop torturing the child.

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