This Is What Will Probably Happen To The Orange Customer Care Agent Who Was Exposed For Hitting On A Client


A customer care representative at Orange Kenya is in deep trouble after a couple of screenshots of Whatsapp messages he sent to one of his clients where posted on social media.
@Laura_Wamby( Laura Wambi) tweeted the screenshots of the conversation she had had with the customer care agent directly to Orange Kenya.

Earlier during the day, Laura had visited one of the Orange Kenya shops for a service. As a requirement, she left her contact details behind. The naïve customer care agent saw this as an opportunity to get her number and contact her after business hours.

This is how he started his Whatsapp conversation, “Hi… That’s my pic, I served you today at Orange Mega and was like if maybe I could get to know you sometime.”



Laura expressed disapproval immediately after he introduced himself. She said that it was a breach of privacy and she promised him of consequences.

The mobile service provider promised to take action after Laura informed them of the incident.
Kenyans on Twitter were however on the Orange employee’s side. Most of them agree it was wrong for him to breach customer privacy but they do not see it as a good reason for Laura to have him laid off.

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