Vera Sidika Reveals Her Real Age And Celebrates Her Birthday With Her Boyfriend in Dubai

Not many know Vera Sidika’s real age. Last year she joked by saying she turned 21 on her birthday. This year however, she revealed her real age.On one of her social media pages she wrote that she could quite comfortably say that she has lived out her first three semesters and to shed some light on the issue she explained that everything comes in threes giving examples of beginning, middle and end, birth, life then death and Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Vera continued to write that she has had her good, bad and ugly side of life and said that all she has done in the past and the choices she has made have been all for herself. She also wrote her real age, 27 which she added was ‘the perfect cube’

According to Vera 27 stands for philanthropy and compassion and that is the torch I she will carry from now

This post followed an adorable picture of her and her boyfriend in a five star hotel in Dubai.

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