Very Sick Kenyan Man Posts Pictures Of Him On Facebook After Devouring A Class Four Girl

The world is full of very many sick individuals. One such individual goes by the name, Mohammed Alfayo. This narcissistic pedophile thought it was wise to brag about devouring an underage girl. With no shame, whatsoever, he went ahead to post the pictures of the girl online. To add insult to injury and show how arrogant he can be, he didn’t mind being seen in the pictures with the girl.

Along with the disturbing post, Alfayo claimed that he had just devoured the standard 4 pupil in the bush and had no regrets over the pedophilic act. If anything, he was proud of what he had just done and even glorified his accomplishment. Obviously, this wouldn’t go unnoticed and most who got to see the post which has since been pulled down, thought he should be arrested.

This is what some social media users had to say about the entire incident.

A picture from his profile:

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