This Is How Moha Of Jicho Pevu Was Thoroughly Embarrassed And Finally Exposed For His Vicious Lies


If you always depend on social media for your facts, then you will probably end up getting a lot of misleading information. Most of the time some unscrupulous bloggers will twist some unverified baseless stories to fit their own interests. This is exactly what happened when reports went around that Tanzanian President John Magufuli had flown economy class aboard an Ethiopian Airlines plane. A number of bloggers including Jicho Pevu’s Moha tweeted pictures of Magufuli aboard the plane.

Mohas caption read “Tanzanian President on board Ethiopian Airlines Economy class but going on official duty. A rare breed of African leaders emerging.”

Here are a number of other tweets made:

Apparently all this was false. These pictures were taken a week ago while the Tanzanian President was launching two planes belonging to Air Tanzania. The plane didn’t even take of as Moha would have you believe. Even after Moha was corrected through the comments that followed his post, he unapologetically refused to take it down or correct it.

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