Watu Hawana Huruma! After Akothee Shamelessly Insulted All Her Fans, This Is What They Have Done To Her, You Will Die Of Laughter

As a celebrity, you should learn how to deal with criticism. If the criticism is constructive then you should embrace it and use it to become more well-rounded person. If its destructive then you should learn to shake it off like a bad habit. It seems Akothee cannot differentiate the two. To her all criticism is meant to tarnish her name. At a live concert, recently, Akothee was spotted wearing something that should only be reserved for indoor comical costume parties. It looked like a cross between a pajama and a swimming costume.

Here is the picture so that you can judge for yourself:

On noticing this her fans were understandably displeased about her wardrobe choice and were quick to point it out. Akothee took this as a vicious attack on her fashion sense and was quick to insult all those who criticized her attire including her own fans. This is what she posted.
Well today she’s kind of learnt that you shouldn’t defecate where you eat. After soliciting for votes for the upcoming AFRIMMA awards, things couldn’t have gotten any worse. Most of her fans trolled her and laughed at her plea.

Here are some hilarious comments made by a section of her fans.




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