Akothee’s Fans Seriously Diss Her After Showing Off Her Sponsor Who They Considered To Be A Horror


Kenyan singer Akothee seems to have trouble always following her.

A few days ago, the Yuko Moyoni singer was attacked by her fans when she went on social media asking them to vote for her in the upcoming ARIMMA Awards.

Even before the settling of this dust, the singer has once again got herself into trouble with her fans.
This time, she went on Instagram to respond to the people who believe she married an older man just for his wealth.
She told her fans to stay away from her love life and it is their choice to marry a man in their age group if they choose to do so.

Her fans did not take the insult lightly and they therefore decided to give their two cents about the matter at hand.

Some said that she is mad and is sharing a bedroom with a horror and others claimed that she is not setting a good example for her daughters.


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