Could Diamond Platnumz Ex Be Using Cocaine? Here Are The Details

Diamond Platnumz name always pops up when a woman he has had sexual or other types of relations with does something that is considered to be noteworthy. This must be the price that prolific stars like him have to pay for being in the limelight.

The spotlight this time is on his ex Wema Sepetu whom he dated for quite some time before he dumped her. Luckily for her, Wema was able to bounce back. Not long after the break up, she had caught the public’s attention when she was seen with big brother winner Idris Sultan looking fuller than before.

Currently, she is on the spotlight because people seem to believe that she is using cocaine. These severe allegations led her manager to comment about the issue. When asked whether Wema Sepetu uses cocaine, her manager simply said,”yes she does. She uses powder on her hair”

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