DJ Crème de la crème Is Now Trending Again For All The Wrong Reasons


In 2011 a lot of people were obsessed with the issue of celebrities being a part of the satanic group illuminate and many people were able to make a lot of money selling illuminate CDs. Among the celebrities that were rumoured to be a part of the group were Beyonce, Chris Brown, Rihanna and Jay Z among other high profile people in the society.

It was believed that these celebrities were only successful thanks to being a part of the society and that they had killed off Michael Jackson. Despite the fact that it was revealed that the celebrities were only using the signs to get more people to watch their videos, the obsession on illuminate did not seem to go away.
Local artists such as Octopizzo took full advantage of the hype by also including these symbols in their videos. DJ Crème de la crème has also on many occasions used the signs especially the “ mark of the devil” sign that drives many people crazy.

Crème recently did it again. This time it was the triangle sign in his video with Sudi Boy and Wahu. Check It out.

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