This Is Why You Should Be Very Careful When Buying Your Beauty Products From River Road

Lily Clepatra Maurice from Orlando in Florida got a rude shock recently when she purchase lipstick from Walmart. She has since gone on social media to share and warn ladies about potential allergies to the lipstick which is part of CoverGirl Queen’s Collection.

Lily woke up to a discomforting choke and enormously swollen lips after using the lipstick during the day. She had to be rushed to the Emergency room and would have died in her sleep if she hadn’t acted fast. Lily posted photos showing her lips that woke her up in the middle of the night. Her lower lip was severely affected from the pictures that she shared on her social media pages.

She warns readers to be careful about the lipsticks they buy as they maybe harmful,quoting one doctor who commented that it could have been a fatal incident if she was a heavy sleeper.
The post has been shared 56,000 times since Lilly posted it.

Here are some of the pictures she posted:



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