Another University Student Stabs His Girlfriend viciously Out of Fear of Being Dumped

We are surely living in tough times. University students are dealing with conflict in ways that are not in line with the conventional methods of conflict resolution.

It is not the first time we are hearing of university love stories that have ended in death. The most recent case is of a male student from Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology who stabbed his girlfriend following a love triangle dispute.

The suspect is believed to have caught his girlfriend with another man in Kenifco area. He tried to knock on the main door a couple of times but there was no response. This led him to breaking into the house. He stabbed the girl a number of times before escaping.

According to Kakamega County Police Commander Tilo Kilonzi, the suspect is a third year student at the Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology.

Investigations revealed that the suspect had been dumped two months earlier by his girlfriend but he did not want to accept it. He threatened her but only acted on his threats on the day he stabbed her. He is said to have been drunk when he stabbed the victim.

According to Tilo Kilonzi, it was the neighbours that rushed the victim to the hospital after hearing her screams.

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