This Is The Beautiful Jkuat Student Who’s Body Was Found Lifeless In A Septic Tank

A few days ago, Tabitha Wachuka’s relatives and friends made attempts to know about her whereabouts on social media. Tabitha is a student at JKUAT.

According to her uncle Elijah Mwangi, Tabitha disappeared on Sunday the previous week and they have not been able to find her since.

Reports state that Tabitha was last seen on Saturday 8th October at a party which was held in Juja Town. This was just before police officers raided the party.

Those who had attended the party said that she disappeared a few minutes after they had assembled at midnight. This was followed by a search done by friends and family who were hoping to find her in perfect condition.
Unfortunately, Tabitha’s body was found floating lifeless in a septic tank that is not far from the venue of the party she had attended.

It is not certain whether she fell into the tank running from the police or if she was murdered and dumped there.

Her uncle who had earlier made a post asking about her whereabouts had do break the news of her demise on social media as well.

From her social media pages, she seems to have been a very joyful girl. May her soul rest in eternal peace.

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