This Is The Real Reason Why Sonko Declared Himself President of Kenya And What This Meant


When the cat’s away the mice will play, that’s if the cat doesn’t delegate his duties over to the mice. This is what the attendees at a funeral of the late Henry Odwale found out this past weekend. While many claim this confidence and behavior was only ordained by the bottom of a, God knows what filled, glass. The Nairobi senator has stuck to his guns and has called out the DPP, Keriako Tobiko and his office for negligence and incompetency as his behavior did not augur well with either.

Sonko declared himself acting president and states that he was only serving the highest office in the land in this capacity by delivering a speech from his Excellency the president as he was away from the country on official business along with his deputy.

Sonko has also said that the only people who disrespected the presidency are the opposition leaders, who were also in attendance, as they walked away as he was delivering his speech.

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