Another Very Sick Pervert Boasts On Facebook About Molesting a 13 Year Old Girl

It has been barely a month since the Kenya Airport Authority employee angered a lot of people after he made a relation that he has been sleeping with nursery and class six children. Kenyans were really pissed at Ken Wa Mwangi for announcing his pervert ways on Facebook. Now there is another man who has posted pictures of a very young girl he says he is sleeping with.

He posted a picture of the girl before sleeping with her. According to him, younger girls are better for him because mature girls apparently to him “wako na mitaro”.



Boaz Omariba Arasa revealed on Facebook that under aged girls between 13 and 15 years turned him on.

On screenshots of a conversation he is having with his friend, Boaz is seen going on and on about how much he loves molesting these young girls. His friend tries to talk him out of this horrid habit but he does not seem convinced. He even says he will shamelessly bribe the authorities in the event that he is caught.

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