This Is The Real Reason Behind King Kaka’s Shocking Arrest

It was shocking for most people to see King Kaka being grabbed ruthlessly by the police into a police car just in the middle of the streets.

From the pictures, you can tell that King Kaka is trying to negotiate with the police officers. He looks like he is putting up a fight and appears really overwhelmed when he realizes his fate.

These photos have been making rounds on social media and entertainment websites with most people wondering how such a high profile artist could get arrested like a common criminal.

Sources however revealed that the pictures were actually of a video King Kaka was shooting for Vioja Mahakamani and that it was not an actual arrest. Deakons who is very popular in Kenyan videos can be seen in the pictures. This proves that it was a video. Kenyans on social media can therefore cool down and let the issue go.

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