This Is The Real Reason Why Kibaki’s Grandson Sean Broke Up With His Long-Time Girlfriend Causing A Major Frenzy On Social Media


Since Nairobi Wire made an exclusive story about Sean Andrew and Elodie Zone’s relationship, there has been a keen interest about their lives by fans and the media. This is why their breakup has been on the news for the past one week.

Mwai Kibaki’s grandson and Elodie an upcoming Youtube Star have been dating for some years and they have sometimes had long distance between them.

Sean broke the news of their break up on Instagram where she also accused Elodie of being a drug user. In his post he says that yesterday he was afraid of losing her but today he is willing to face the fear and live without all the toxicity and hurt from her. He concluded by telling Elodie to enjoy her friends and drugs and that he will be just fine without her.

It took a while for Elodie to comment but a few days ago, she confirmed her relationship with Sean was over. In her post, she says that she has decided to walk away from Sean and she hopes her fans will continue supporting her regardless. She also said that Sean played an important role in her life but somewhere along the line the relationship became unhealthy and they both wanted different things. Elodie now wants to focus on herself and building her own empire. She advised her fans to embrace change and to walk away from anything that is toxic. Elodie concluded by saying that the rumours going around about their break up are false and her fans should not believe them. She also said she was not going to speak of the issue again.

Here are some pictures of the two during happier times.









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