This is the Sexy KDF Soldier That Is Making Many Go Wild And Wish They Could Leave their Wives

A lot of Kenyan men share the opinion that a lot of beautiful women in Kenya are in the forces. Time and time again Kenyans on social media come upon very beautiful women serving in the forces and they direct all their attention to them forgetting everything else.

This happened early last year when a hot police constable by the name Emma Brenda Wanjiru was trending on social media and was being referred to as the sexiest police officer in Kenya. It was later revealed that she became a police constable because she had faced a lot of brutality.

There is another woman who is giving team mafisi sleepless nights. Her name is Edith Githinji and she is a soldier in the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF). She is yet another proof that the most beautiful women are in the forces. She is pictured with her uniform on and the uniform has her name; this proves she is a real KDF soldier.



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