Woman Killed in Military Vehicle Accident Along Thika Superhighway

On Tuesday October 18th there was a terrible accident along the Thika Superhighway that claimed a woman’s life. The woman was a passenger in one of the vehicles that was involved in the accident.

According to witnesses, there was a lorry that had stopped just below the flyover at Juja. The reason it stopped was because it got a flat tire. Later, a military truck and a lorry were seen approaching the scene.
The military truck driver tried his very best to prevent hitting the vehicle on the road but unfortunately, the lorry hit the military truck causing it to hit the other truck. The military truck lost control after this and overturned.

There was a female passenger who was attached at the National Youth Service in the truck at the time of the accident. Unfortunately, She died on the spot. The driver driving the lorry suffered serious injuries. The soldier that was driving the military truck was lucky because he was not hurt. He got out of the window to save his colleague on the other side.


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