Barrack Obama’s Brother Shamed On Twitter For His On-going Rants Concerning Politics

Barrack Obama’s brother has received very harsh comments on twitter following his nasty rants concerning Obama, Kenya and the upcoming elections in the United States.

According to Malik Obama, the media makes up things about Donald Trump and himself but he believes this is because he and Trump always tell the truth.

Malik Obama also said that an effort should be made to prevent votes from being stolen in America like they are stolen in Kenya. He even mentions that he is a Republican and that his vote is for Donald Trump.

In another tweet by Malik Obama, he says that he loves all people except those who the America and in his opinion he believes all Muslims have the right to stop violence and they can do this through Donald Trump’s help.

Malik goes on to tweet an apology saying that he is sorry that his brother Barrack Obama did not do a good job of being president and that is sure Trump will do a better job.



His tweets did not sit well with many people.

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