Luo Lady Seriously Angers Kenyans By Posting Pictures Of Her Sister And Young Child Doing The Unthinkable


The negative effects of smoking cannot be stressed enough. There have been numerous warnings from NACADA but the information seems to fall on deaf ears since more and more people are still smoking. Smoking tobacco causes cancer, early ageing, low birth weight and smoking shisha can cause gum diseases, stroke, TB and even sexual impotence.

A photo of a Luo woman currently living abroad and her son of about 5 years of age smoking shisha has gone viral and has shocked many people. The picture was posted by the lady’s sister who claims shisha runs in their blood and she seems to be celebrating this.

This did not sit well with majority of Kenyans who responded with great anger and even suggested that the police should arrest the women for being bad examples to the young child.

In response, the young lady said, “njoo unipelekee kamiti, omera jaluo oksechi… hehehe skia hii eti kamiti tings, wangoje ile day tutaenda Kenyan visiting vision 2030”.
Surely wonders will never end.



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