Achieng Abura Has Gone To The Grave With A Humongous Beef Against Former Radio Queen Caroline Mutoko, This Is Why


Achieng Abura has gone to the grave with a beef against former radio queen Caroline Mutoko.

The beef started back when Achieng Abura held a fundraiser to raise money for his son to get abroad treatment for sickle cell anaemia and a heart condition. At the height of the late singer’s struggles to raise money for the treatment, Caroline Mutoko released a harsh YouTube video blaming Kenyans for continuously holding fundraisers to get treatment abroad.

In her video, Caroline Mutoko referred to Kenyans as brats for turning their back on their own “medical mecca” which has continuously helped many East Africans get quality treatment.

Achieng Abura shared the video and asked Caroline Mutoko to mind her tongue since she could be in a situation where her child needed treatment that is not locally available.

At the time the post did not get to much attention. Kenyans have however started commenting on the matter saying that Caroline’s act was arrogant.

Caroline Mutoko has not shared a tribute to the late Achieng Abura but she shared Donald Kipkorir’s post where he called out Kenyan celebrities for being hypocrites by pretending to care about Abura’s death.

One Facebook user commented on Caroline’s post saying, “Caroline if others failed you would have contributed you don’t have to wait for others to abura.” In reponse Caroline Mutoko said, “I did and yet I never crossed paths with her. Mpesa is a very amazing tool. Use it sometime.”

Meanwhile, Kenyans are expressing their anger concerning Caroline Mutoko’s video on Ms Abura’s Facebook page.

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