This Is Why Acheing Abura’s Friends Deserted Her Before Her Death


Two months before Achieng Abura’s death, she revealed to Biko Zulu that her friends had abandoned her. During an exclusive interview with Biko Zulu, Achieng Abura told him that her friends had abandoned her following her son’s health condition.

Abura’s son has a heart condition and also suffers from sickle cell anaemia. This is something that Abura had struggled with for some time. She even had to drain her finances to make sure her son got the treatment he needed.

She told Biko Zulu that she had attempted to hold a fundraising to raise 4 million Kenya shilling to enable her son to get treatment in the UK but only less than 10 people showed up. This is quite surprising considering she is a household name in the Kenyan entertainment industry.

Abura also revealed that it was only Makadem and Suzanne Owiyo who helped her raise the money she needed for her son’s treatment.

Acheing Abura said there are only a few people she considers true friends.

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