If You Are One Of Those People Who Take Flyers From Anyone On The Street These Are The Nasty Evil Things That Could Happen To You


Criminal gangs in the country are ever thinking of new and advanced ways to rob the poor Mwananchi. As police officers struggle to smoke out criminals from their dens these groups have decided to take their skills to the next level. This comes after a lady was allegedly drugged with a flyer. Tranversing the various towns in the nation, you will come across various people distributing flyers to anyone who comes their way. While some of them are honestly marketing their businesses, there are those with ill motives. The next time you time you find a man or woman dishing out flyers be careful lest you become a victim of circumstances.

Here are some pictures of what happened:


A similar incident happened a few days ago, after a Nairobi Matatu driver and his conductor were accused of drugging and robbing passengers. These cases have raised concern among citizens with human rights groups urging the president to intervene into the matter before it is too late.

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