This Is What You Dint Know About This Safaricom Attendant Who Was Spotted On Her Knees Serving A Disabled Man


A photo of a Safaricom customer care attendant on her knees attending to a disabled man has been making rounds on social media. Many people are impressed by how humble the attendant is and her obvious commitment to service.

25-year old Pauline Muganda is very bubby and full of life. She has been a customer care attendant at Safaricom for the last two years.

Pauline Muganda is actually a trained flight attendant. She says that her love for people and her talkative nature led her to choosing cabin crew as a career path. She however landed a job as a customer care attendant in 2013 after completing her studies. Pauline says that she as always wanted to work in customer service since she was in high school.

When she was informed that Nairobi News wanted to interview her, she was shocked and humbled. She said she had heard of the photo going viral and that she was deeply humbled by it.

It was on a Tuesday afternoon when a disabled man by the name William Kisumo was accompanied to the shop by a woman. Pauline says she had been attending to another customer when her supervisor asked her to attend to William. She says she tried to create rapport with William and that she was very happy to listen to his stories that she found herself kneeling.

William Kisumo a street beggar at Shik Park along Kenyatta avenue said that this was the first time he had received such a heartfelt gesture.

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